Episode 28: Harold Ramis Retrospective

harold_ramis_01We’ve lost another great one in Harold Ramis, who passed away on February 24th of this year. Ramis was much more than just Egon from Ghostbusters, having a hand in either writing and/or directing several comedy classics. Dirty A and I discuss his life and career as well as recap the Oscars and bitch about the “rumored” (yeah, right) recent delay on U2’s upcoming album. Continue reading


Episode 26: Listen to This!: Duran Duran and Doves

CoverEpisode 26 brings another installment of The Hodgepodge Podcast’s music feature: Listen to This! This time, Dirty A and I discuss two British bands: 80s powerhouse Duran Duran and 2000s indie act Doves. Continue reading