Doug Reviews: The One I Love

one_i_love_xlgFrom Director Charlie McDowell and Screenwriter Justin Lader, The One I Love is utterly bizarre and that is a fantastic thing.

Here’s the problem with writing a review for The One I Love, if I give away the central twist of the film, it will most likely ruin your viewing experience. But, as I said, the twist is central to the film, so it begs to be discussed. Just know that Ethan (Mark Duplass) and Sophie (Elisabeth Moss) are having marital problems. Their therapist (Ted Danson) sends them to a secluded getaway where the two of them begin to question not only their relationship, but who they are as people. What results is a fun, twisty, and creepy film that did everything except solidly stick the landing—the last scene is a little predictable. I also could have used a little more explanation about the twist, but make no mistake, this film is a lot of fun.

Duplass and Moss have great chemistry on screen as they play out all the different facets of their relationship. While I won’t reveal what happens in the film, it’s fascinating to watch Ethan try to understand it, while Sophie starts to embrace it. It’s an interesting dynamic.

Overall, The One I Love is a great, weird little flick. Duplass and Moss give great performances and while the ending could have been stronger, the twists throughout are great.

Rating: B+

The One I Love is in limited release and available on iTunes and Video On Demand


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