The Oscars are Sunday (tomorrow! March 4th) and for the fifth year in a row, The Hodgepodge Podcast will be live-blogging the event! So, if you’ve always wanted The Oscars to have live commentary like a sporting event, but in printed words only, this is the place to be! This year, though, Doug is taking the show on the road and will be blogging from The Rialto Theater in Raleigh, NC! If he gets a good signal, the liveblog marches on!

Once again, Jimmy Kimmel hosts the event, (The Oscars, not our liveblog), and we’ll get to see which film will walk away with Best Picture in what appears to be a wide-open race. The fun will start around 8PM EST (the telecast on ABC begins at 7PM with red carpet arrivals, but the actual ceremony starts at 8:30PM). So, swing on over during the show and join the fun!


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