Hey, Hodgepodge listeners! Doug‘s new novel, MAXIM ULTRA, is finally available on Amazon! Take a look!


Meet Maxim Ultra. Interstellar adventurer. Independent Contractor. Convict. For the better part of three years, Max has been a prisoner on the planet Aval—the result of a job gone bad. He trusted the wrong people and lost his crew in the process.

He is offered a chance at redemption by Matthias Glintock, a hard-nosed galactic lawman with an unorthodox style of doing things. Glintock believes Max is the only hope to stop Kalen Vandeir, a murderous psychopath who blames Max for his recent stint in prison.

Max and Glintock enter into an uneasy alliance as they race against the clock to find not only Kalen, but also a mysterious artifact that has the potential to kill millions. All the while, Max tries to reconcile with his ex-girlfriend, duck his professional rival, and rebuild his life.

Action and adventure await in Maxim Ultra!



Here’s what readers are saying about MAXIM ULTRA!

“I could not stop reading.”

“If you like action, adventure, mystery, and intrigue then you must get this book.”

“I’m definitely a Maxim Ultra fan!”

Don’t be left out! Pick up your copy of MAXIM ULTRA TODAY on Amazon!

Available in eBook and paperback formats!


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