With Episode 222, The Hodgepodge Podcast begins a new regular series where Doug and Dirty A pick a favorite director and discuss their films. In this first installment, the boys have chosen David Fincher!

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Episode 51: Gone Girl / The Good Lie / The Book of Life

Episode 51In Episode 51, Doug and Dirty A delve into David Fincher‘s latest Gone Girl before covering The Good Lie and delivering an early review of The Book of Life. Be warned, the Gone Girl review goes into heavy spoilers (11:26 – 31:52). Then, Doug and Dirty A give their picks from Fincher’s filmography. Continue reading


Doug Reviews: Gone Girl

gone_girl_ver2_xlgLike his 2011 adaptation of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Director David Fincher’s Gone Girl is a very faithful interpretation of the source material. Of course, it helps a bit when the novel’s author is also the screenwriter. What Fincher and Author Gillian Flynn have created for audiences is not just a great movie, but the first must-see film of the fall. Continue reading