edge-of-tomorrow-poster3For their latest Video Review, Doug and Dirty A IMPLORE you to go see EDGE OF TOMORROW. Check out the review and then head out the theater to see one of the best movies of the year!

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Episode 40: Edge of Tomorrow and The Fault in Our Stars


In Episode 40, Doug and Dirty A talk about one of the best movies of the summer in Tom Cruise‘s Edge of Tomorrow as well as the young adult phenomenon, The Fault in Our Stars. Before all that, though – Part 3 in the never-ending (?) saga that is Marvel’s Ant-Man! Continue reading

Doug Reviews: Edge of Tomorrow


When I first saw the trailers for Director Doug Liman’s Edge of Tomorrow, I immediately thought, Oh, it’s the action sci-fi Groundhog Day. And while the conceit is very similar to that Harold Ramis classic, Edge of Tomorrow forges its own path to become something Hollywood has been chasing for decades: the ultimate video game film.

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