Doug Reviews: Triple 9 (2016)

Triple 9, the latest film from Director John Hillcoat, has a stellar cast and a cool premise. The only problem is, you might feel like you’ve seen this one before. Continue reading

Episode 63: American Sniper Snipes Blackhat

COVERThis episode is about a week and a half late, but with American Sniper still tearing it up at the box office, it’s still relevant. Well…maybe not in Blackhat‘s case. Is that film still in the theaters? Take a listen! Continue reading

Doug Reviews: Blackhat

blackhatNEWWhat the hell is happening to Michael Mann? After directing films like Collateral, Ali, The Insider, and Heat—one of my personal favorites—his last few movies haven’t been all that great. Miami Vice was a dud and Public Enemies was decent, but nothing spectacular, and now he brings us Blackhat, a film that strands a great cast in one of the most boring thrillers I’ve ever seen. What the hell is happening to Michael Mann? Continue reading