EPISODE 83: ANT MAN with special guest MATT KING

cover_83Hodgepodge Podcast Episode 83 brings another Marvel Movie Discussion with friend of the show, author Matt King! This time Matt joins Doug and Dirty A to talk all about Marvel’s latest film, Ant-Man. They also take some time to discuss the latest Batman v. Superman trailer released at San Diego Comic Con as well as the Suicide Squad sneak peek and the look of X-Men: Apocalypse‘s title villain. Take a listen!


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  1. Great recap, guys – per usual.

    Among my favorite parts:

    * General Zod as a victim of the Cobra Kai
    * The Psylocke Primer (Betsy Braddock 101)
    * Dirty A’s breakdown of the Nerd vs. Geek appeal of Star Wars and Jurrasic Money Grab
    * Warren G shout out

    I disagree with the idea that Marvel has always been comedic and DC has been more “adult” – I think you find plenty of crossover in both publishers. The Demon in a Bottle story was pretty heavy, and Ant-Man’s own domestic battery is still one of the more controversial moments in comic history. I love both publishers – you have to love that Plastic Man, Firestorm, and Booster Gold exist in the same universe as Batman and the Joker.

    I think that the Quantum Realm visuals were a primer for audiences – Marvel was clearly getting the general public ready for the Kirby-inspired madness of Dr. Strange. I agree with Matt that the scene felt tonally different from the rest of the film, but I liked it, and I think it’ll be a GREAT way to prepare folks for the fantastical dreamscapes that we’ll be treated to when Strange takes to the astral planes.

    I really liked Ant-Man, and while I agree that the script was weak I just had too much fun with the film to dwell on the problems. It was a fun movie, and while I’m not normally a 3D guy – AT ALL – I saw this movie in 3D IMAX and had a blast. Is it an Oscar-winner? No, but I felt like I got my $14 worth of fun – which I cannot say about many films these days.

    Have fun in NY with the boys from Dublin – enjoy the show!

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