The Oscars are TOMORROW (February 9th) and for the seventh year in a row, The Hodgepodge Podcast will be live-blogging the event! So, if you’ve always wanted The Oscars to have live commentary like a sporting event, but in printed words only, this is the place to be!

Now, with his play commitments, Doug will be cutting it close to tune in to the broadcast on time, but he’s going to try his best. The show will be HOST-LESS this year after the success the Academy had with it last year. Most of the acting races seem locked up, but Best Picture looks to be a two-dog-fight between 1917 and Parasite. If you’ve listened to Episode 206, you know where Doug and Dirty A stand, but will Oscar give its biggest prize to a foreign language film for the first time ever? Find out at 8PM EST on Sunday, February 9th!. Swing on over during the show and join the fun!


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