In this episode from October 2015, Doug and Matt discussed Hugh Jackman‘s pick to take over as Wolverine, Batman v. Superman stuff, and in celebration of the Blu-Ray release of Age of Ultron, they had a discussion about the state of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s villains. Continue reading


Zack Snyder made some eyebrow-raising comments about Marvel’s Ant-Man and Doug and Matt discussed some superhero casting news back in September 2015 in Episode 2 of The Crossover Podcast. Continue reading

The Crossover Podcast!

As was announced late last year, Doug and frequent guest of The Hodgepodge Podcast, author Matt King, started doing a Superhero/Comic Book Movie-themed podcast called The Crossover Podcast. Well, we’re happy to announce that the new home for The Crossover Podcast is right here at The Hodgepodge Podcast! We’re going to go ahead and re-post the first eight episodes before debuting the latest, Episode 9. Take a listen and see what you’ve been missing…or listening to somewhere else…whatever. If you want to link directly to The Crossover’s little section of The Hodgepodge Podcast, just bookmark the link below. We’re looking to get the podcast up on iTunes soon too, so be on the lookout for that!


Introducing: The Crossover Podcast!

Because one podcast isn’t enough for Doug, he has teamed up with friend of the Hodgepodge Podcast Matt King for the Crossover Podcast! The Crossover is a superhero-movie-centric podcast which will feature some comic book talk as well. If you enjoy the Hodgepodge, you’ll enjoy Crossover! Head on over to their Facebook and YouTube pages – the first episode is already up!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/crossoverpodcast

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8BuSEyi8fIQV9V6rTZ241A