The Best Films of 2016!

Doug and Dirty A attempted to record an episode covering their picks for the best films of 2016. They got nearly to the end and Doug’s laptop took a huge dump, wiping out all the audio already recorded. So, they decided to present their picks this way, since they’ve talked about the majority of these films already on the podcast. So, without further ado, here are The Hodgepodge Podcast’s picks for the Best Films of 2016! Continue reading



As Doug and Dirty A close in on Episode 100, they compile their lists of what they saw as the best films of 2015. Which films will take their top spots? The last two years, they have picked the same film as the best. Will that trend hold for this year as well? Continue reading

Episode 48: Best and Worst Films of Summer 2014

COVERThe Hodgepodge Podcast celebrates its one year anniversary with Episode 48! For this anniversary episode, Doug and Dirty A continue a now annual tradition and run down their picks for the best and worst films of the Summer of 2014. Continue reading