COVERIn Episode 79, Doug and Dirty A welcome author Matt King back to the Podcast to discuss the latest film in the Jurassic Park franchise, Jurassic World. They also tackle the biggest current events in the world of Nerd Movie News. Be warned! There are rampant spoilers throughout the episode. Also, Doug seemed to be on a Namor kick as he continuously calls Indominus Rex (the new dino in Jurassic World), Imperius Rex. Please forgive him. Take a listen! Continue reading


Doug Reviews: Jurassic World

The original Jurassic Park worked so well not only because of the dazzling dinosaur effects—which still hold up today—but because the film adapted a fantastic sci-fi thriller and had characters the audience cared about. Jurassic World…well, it has good looking dinosaurs at least. Continue reading

Episode 45: Guardians of the Galaxy with guest: Matt King

GOTG_Payoff_1-Sht_v4b_LgIn Episode 45, Doug and Dirty A are joined once again by author Matt King. This time, the trio tackles Marvel’s latest hit, Guardians of the Galaxy, while also taking the time to rundown the highlights of San Diego Comic Con. Take a listen!

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Doug Reviews: Guardians of the Galaxy

GOTG_Payoff_1-Sht_v4b_LgThere’s no doubt that Marvel Studios has another great franchise on their hands with Guardians of the Galaxy. The Guardians themselves are extremely likable and the film is tons of fun. However, some of the elements around them keep the film from being king of the Marvel hill. Continue reading