Episode 38: X-Men Xtravaganza!

X-Men_Days of Future PastIn Episode 38 of The Hodgepodge Podcast, Doug and Dirty A are joined by friend of the show Matt King to discuss X-Men: Days of Future Past as well as all other things X-Men. The episode kicks off with the big news out of DC/WB and Marvel as of late before diving into the Children of the Atom. Continue reading


The Uncanny X Men: The Rise of the Mutants


Wolverine’s having a bad day

The Retroist has published another of Doug‘s essays!

This one focuses on his love of The Uncanny X-Men and how

he became a fan.

You can read the essay here and then check out all the other great

things The Retroist has to offer!

Thanks for reading!

Doug Reviews: X Men: Days of Future Past

X-Men_Days_of_Future_Past_(film)_poster_003If you read my X-Men Retrospective—and if you haven’t, why are you reading this first?—you’ll know that I hold the first two X-Men films by Bryan Singer in high regard. However, ever since Singer departed the franchise to go screw up Superman, the X-Men series has been on shaky ground. It took some solid steps forward with X-Men First Class and The Wolverine, but I was still nervous about X-Men: Days of Future Past. Singer was back in the director’s chair, but his track record hasn’t been great lately and Fox has a habit of screwing up my X-Men. So, it’s really difficult to write this review, because I’m trying to think of a grade that can appropriately sum up how I felt about this film.

We’ll start with this: X-Men: Days of Future Past is the best X-Men film since X-Men 2. Continue reading

The Uncanny X Men: A Film Retrospective

X-Men TrilogyBefore you head to the theater to go check out X-Men: Days of Future Past, be sure to read my retrospective on the previous six films in the series.

– Doug Continue reading