Doug Reviews: Stranger Things (2016)

If Stephen King and Steven Spielberg ever collaborated on a project, it would probably look a lot like Netflix’s latest original series, Stranger Things. Do the style pairing and inevitable nostalgia make for a great show or just an echo of past great works? Continue reading

Transformers: The Movie – The Only Good Transformers Film

The original theatrical poster, to which children around the world screamed, "Who the hell are those guys?"

The original theatrical poster, to which children around the world screamed, “Who the hell are those guys?”

Going to see Trans4mers this weekend? Head on over to The Retroist first to read Doug‘s essay about the only GOOD Transformers film: 1986’s Transformers: The Movie!

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Optimus Prime - He's got "The Touch."

Optimus Prime – He’s got “The Touch.”

Batman: The Animated Series is The Dark Knight Defined


The Retroist has posted another one of Doug‘s essays. This one is in celebration of Batman’s 75th Anniversary and discusses what he considers to be the best cartoon of all: Batman: The Animated Series. Take a look:

When you’re done reading the essay, re-visit Episode 32, which was all about Batman and if you really need to scratch that Batman itch, continue with Episode 22, our Cartoon Spectacular!

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Episode 38: X-Men Xtravaganza!

X-Men_Days of Future PastIn Episode 38 of The Hodgepodge Podcast, Doug and Dirty A are joined by friend of the show Matt King to discuss X-Men: Days of Future Past as well as all other things X-Men. The episode kicks off with the big news out of DC/WB and Marvel as of late before diving into the Children of the Atom. Continue reading

Episode 32: 75 Years of Batman: EDITED

TDK_logoWait, didn’t we just post this episode? Well, yes we did, but apparently someone had a problem with our original version, so in order to get it into the  iTunes Store, we have omitted the music we used. Apparently, you can’t use Batman musical cues in a podcast celebrating Batman. Duh. So, for our iTunes listeners, special guest Matt King joins Doug and Dirty A to celebrate 75 years of The Dark Knight. Continue reading