Doug Reviews: Dunkirk (2017)

Since The Dark Knight and Inception, Christopher Nolan’s films have been fantastic spectacles, but lacking narratively (The Dark Knight Rises and Interstellar). Does his World War II film, Dunkirk, return him back to excellence or are Nolan’s best days as a filmmaker behind him? Continue reading


Doug Reviews: Allied (2016)

Allied, the new World War II spy story from Director Robert Zemeckis, seems to have gotten more attention from the tabloids than from film journalists. Does the film overcome the salacious rumors attached to it or is it just a bad film that needs any press it can get? Continue reading

Doug Reviews: The Imitation Game

imitation_game_ver2During World War II, the Nazis had an unbreakable code system called Enigma. If the Allies had any hope of winning the war, they had to crack the code. In his latest film, The Imitation Game, Director Morten Tyldum introduces us to the man chiefly responsible for breaking Enigma: Alan Turing. His story is fascinating and quite possibly the best film of the year. Continue reading

Doug Reviews: Unbroken

unbroken-resizedDirector Angelina Jolie’s second feature, Unbroken, takes on the real life story of Louis “Louie” Zamperini, an Olympic athlete and World War II Prisoner of War. However, does the film strike the inspirational chord it’s looking for? Continue reading

Doug Reviews: Fury

fury_ver6_xxlgWhile watching Writer-Director David Ayer’s latest World War II drama, Fury, I was constantly reminded of the opening to the Fallout video games: “War. War never changes.” It does change men, though. The problem is, when you don’t really know the men in the first place, it’s hard to gauge just how much it has changed them. Continue reading