It’s finally here! Listen to Doug, Dirty A, and friend of the show Matt King bitch about how George Lucas ruined Star Wars. They discuss the things that didn’t work with the first Prequel film, what might have worked better, and generally lament almost every decision Lucas made. Also, check out the improved audio quality of our brand-spanking new microphone! Take a listen!



    • This existential question is one I’m still struggling with. I still have to re-watch II and III, but as of right now, I’d say III is marginally better than the other two. I rank II a little higher than I, but I qualify all of it by admitting none of them are really any good. I may come around to Dirty A and Matt’s opinion that The Phantom Menace may actually be the best one, but we’ll see. Thanks for the question! – Doug

      • Now that I have a ton of space from the movies and I don’t think about them so much in the context of Star Wars or just sit back and watch them as movies, I think they get worse as they go.

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