It’s finally here! Listen to Doug, Dirty A, and friend of the show Matt King bitch about how George Lucas ruined Star Wars. They discuss the things that didn’t work with the first Prequel film, what might have worked better, and generally lament almost every decision Lucas made. Also, check out the improved audio quality of our brand-spanking new microphone! Take a listen! Continue reading


Doug Reviews: The Gunman

THE-GUNMAN-exclusive-PosterSean Penn tries to collect some of that sweet Liam Neeson money by teaming with Taken director Pierre Morel in The Gunman. Unfortunately, this doesn’t end up being a recreation of Penn’s movie-within-a-movie from What Just Happened. Continue reading

Episode 68: CHAPPiE is a Little Crappy and Run to Perdition

COVERIn Episode 68, Doug and Dirty A take aim at director Neill Blomkamp‘s latest, CHAPPiE before breaking down Liam Neeson‘s latest actioner, Run all Night. Then, they wrap up by giving praise to the live show of The Dan Band, so check them out if they’re in your area. Take a listen! Continue reading

Doug Reviews: Run all Night

run_all_night_xlgTom Hanks shines as a mob hitman out to protect his son from his former employers when the boy witness…wait, Run all Night? Tom Hanks isn’t in this? No Jude Law? Ohhhh…I was confusing Run all Night with the film it rips off, Road to Perdition. Well, this one can’t be too far off the mark, right? Continue reading