Welcome to our 8th Annual Oscars Live Blog! Enjoy the show and our witty comments!


Hey, everybody! The clock is ticking down and it’s almost Oscars time! Follow along on our Live Blog!


So….Cruella is Devil Wears Prada meets Joker? Okay…..


Show is starting! For the record, my preferred Best Picture is Minari, but I think Nomadland will probably take the statue. Fingers crossed, though!


Wow, the set up shows that this will be a VERY different Oscars. Regina King – love her. One Night in Miami was really good.


Emerald Fennell wins Best Original Screenplay for Promising Young Woman! I enjoyed the film, but if you’re not a fan of dark films, you won’t like it. Obviously, I was pulling for Minari, but this win is totally deserved. Promising Young Woman was probably the most interesting film of the year.


Questlove is the house DJ! Nice!


One Night in Miami is nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay. I know who Regina’s pulling for!


The Father wins for Best Adapted Screenplay! It’s the only Best Picture nominee that I didn’t get to see this year, but I hear Hopkins and Colman are amazing.


I’m glad they’re letting the winners talk. This is their moment. They deserve it.


Laura Dern, who apparently from the preshow is tall as shit, presenting Best International Feature Film.


Another Round, from Denmark, wins Best International Film, which makes sense, since the director is nominated for Best Director.


It’s incredible how long they’re letting the winners talk. It’s really refreshing.


Laura Dern back to present Best Supporting Actor. She won last year for Marriage Story. Daniel Kaluuya is probably a lock, but I really loved Paul Raci in Sound of Metal. Let’s see who wins….


Daniel Kaluuya wins for Judas and the Black Messiah! Well deserved win, but I feel like this was probably Raci’s only shot for a fantastic performance. That’s why award shows ultimately suck. So many performances are worthy. I think with the Oscars in particular, it really is an honor to just be nominated.


Interesting – because the theater business is practically dead thanks to COVID, they’re now showing previews of upcoming movies to tease going back to the theaters. First up is Spielberg’s West Side Story remake.


Don Cheadle here to present Best Makeup and Hairstyling. Funny for a bald guy.


Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom wins! Well deserved. They made Viola Davis look almost unrecognizable. Great job.


War Machine is back to present for Best Costume Design. WarMachineRox


Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom wins again!


Bryan Cranston talking about how Hollywood recovered from the LAST pandemic.


The Motion Picture and TV Fund wins the Humanitarian Award for all the work they’ve done over the last 100 years, especially this last year with COVID.


The Bryon King introducing Bong Joon Ho, who wiped the floor with the competition last year with the spectacular Parasite.


Holy shit, are they presenting Best Directing NOW????


Chloe Zhao wins Best Director for Nomadland! This was pretty much a foregone conclusion after the lead up to the awards. ABC/Disney would like to remind you that her next film is Marvel’s The Eternals, due in November – finally.


Riz Ahmed to present the Sound awards. Makes sense, since his film is SOUND of Metal.


Sound of Metal wins for Best Sound! The fix is in!


Love how this guy is apologizing for his English when Bong Joon Ho literally just did his whole category in Korean. Lol. Riz Ahmed back to present Best Live Action Short.


Two Distant Strangers wins for Best Live Action Short! I’ll have to watch this on Netflix.


Reese Witherspoon is up to present the Animation awards. Shorts first.


If Anything Happens I Love You wins Best Animated Short! Laura Dern, who works with Reese Witherspoon on Big Little Lies, was one of the producers. The fix is in!


Reese Witherspoon talks about her love of Secret of Nimh prior to presenting Best Animated Feature.


Pixar’s Soul wins! Soul was a great flick. Pete Docter accepting. How many Oscars does he have?


Dirty A: “FINALLY Pixar is given its due in animation!”


Marlee Matlin to present Documentary Short Subject.


Collette takes the award. Best Documentary Short – even at the stripped-down Oscars, they have to sit in the way back.


Marlee back for Best Documentary Feature. Of course, if you know anything about her, her presentation is all in sign language.


And the Oscar goes to, My Octopus Teacher! I wish I’d had an octopus for a teacher at school. That would have been awesome.


Steven Yeun to present Visual Effects. He was so, so great in Minari. Would love to see him win, but I think it’s going to be Chadwick Boseman, who was also amazing.


Tenet wins for Best Visual Effects! You know how we feel about Chris Nolan’s films, so I’m very happy about this one. Tenet had its problems, but it was very, very cool.


Brad Pitt presenting Best Supporting Actress and can’t read apparently. I’m pulling for Grandma from Minari!


YES! Yuh-Jung Youn wins! She was so, so amazing in Minari as Grandma. Watch that film and tell me you don’t love her.


“I’m luckier than you.” Oh my god, she’s adorable and hilarious!


Halle Berry to present Best Production Design. Can’t say I’m a fan of that hairdo.


Mank wins for Best Production Design! It’s first win of the night.


Mank also wins for Best Cinematography!


Now Lin Manuel Miranda is showing a special look at In the Heights. Y’know, I’d like to see a special look at a movie that’s not a musical – Dune.


Han Solo shows up to flashback about Blade Runner and present for Best Editing. I know he hates this shit.


You know what WON’T win for Best Editing? ZACK SNYDER’S JUSTICE LEAGUE.

Sound of Metal wins the Oscar! And, they get to meet Indiana Jones!


Viola Davis is presenting…the Humanitarian Award? Didn’t they already do this? Tyler Perry is getting the award too tonight. It sounds like he definitely deserves it. I wish he’d act in other movies besides his own. He was great in Gone Girl.


Zendaya presenting Best Score. And the Oscar goes to Soul! That really was a great score.


Zendaya now presenting Best Song. I think they all performed in the pre-show? I know H.E.R. did.


And…H.E.R. wins the Oscar for Judas and the Black Messiah!


They’re playing…a game? At 10:41PM? People in the East have to go to work, MFs!


I just asked Dirty A, “WTF is this?” His answer: “Bar trivia.” Seriously, though, WTF is this?


Like she does with many other things, Glenn Close has saved this ill-conceived bit. Did someone’s dress fall apart backstage or something?


Angela Bassett presenting the In Memoriam portion of the evening.


Geez, we’ve lost so many greats this year. Sad.


Rita Moreno is presenting Best Picture???? And it’s not last???


How in the hell do you not do Best Picture last?


Nomadland wins Best Picture! Kind of a foregone conclusion, but in watching the clips, I remembered all the movies I liked better than that one. Lol. Don’t get me wrong, it was good, but I didn’t think it was the best film of the year.


Joel Coen was just like, “I married that,” after Frances McDormand howled like a wolf.


Changing it up again. Renee Zellweger is presenting Best ACTRESS instead of Best Actor. No idea who wins this. Could be Frances or Viola.


Frances McDormand wins the Oscar! Short speech. Great actress, but an odd bird. Speaking of odd birds, Joaquin Phoenix is here to present Best Actor to Chadwick Boseman…I mean, whoever wins this.


HOLY SHIT! That is a HUGE upset! Anthony Hopkins wins the Oscar! I thought for sure Chadwick Boseman was a lock! And as Dirty A just concurred, that was very anticlimactic, because Hopkins isn’t there to accept. There were multiple places they were filming from and he wasn’t at either. I wonder if the producers knew who was going to win this show, or if they were just expecting a big final sendoff for Chadwick Boseman? Either way, that was the strangest Oscars in a long time. Congrats to the winners and hopefully soon, we’ll all be able to go to the theater with peace of mind, because I REALLY don’t want to have to watch Dune on my TV first. Thanks for spending the evening with The Hodgepodge Podcast!


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