Welcome to the movies’ biggest party! At my house. In my sweatpants…. Anyway, Doug here with The Hodgepodge Podcast’s 9th Annual Oscars Live Blog! The show starts at 8PM EST, so come back then for the comedy bits and analysis of the actual awards ceremony. Dirty A will be chiming in throughout and we’re looking to have a good time! Follow along throughout the night!

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As Tony Stark said in Iron Man 2, “It’s good to be back!” After an extended COVID hiatus, The Hodgepodge Podcast is back! And with our first post in over a year, we’re announcing our 8th Annual Oscars Live-Blog! Yes, it’s later than usual, but it’s that time of year again. The Oscars are THIS SUNDAY (April 25th)! So, swing on by the site at around 8PM and join the fun!

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Here it is, The Hodgepodge Podcast’s 6th Annual Oscars Liveblog! However, if Bohemian Rhapsody takes Best Picture, the awards will lose all credibility and this will be the LAST Oscars Liveblog. The action gets started at 8PM EST, so come back here then for my incessant complaining! Huzzah! Continue reading


The Oscars are Sunday (February 24th) and for the sixth year in a row, The Hodgepodge Podcast will be live-blogging the event! So, if you’ve always wanted The Oscars to have live commentary like a sporting event, but in printed words only, this is the place to be! This year, Dirty A will be on the road, so it’ll be a solo affair as Doug hunkers down with Hulu and gets the liveblog done! Continue reading

3rd Annual Oscars Live Blog!

Welcome to The Hodgepodge Podcast’s 3rd Annual Oscar Live Blog! Doug and Dirty A will be listing winners and losers and giving their commentary on the ceremony. Who knows? You might read comments from a special guest! The festivities get started around 8PM EST, so be sure to come back to the site then and refresh often! Continue reading

ANNOUNCEMENT: 3rd Annual Oscars Live Blog!

It’s that time of year again and for the third year in a row, Doug and Dirty A will be live blogging The Oscars! The show starts at 8:30PM EST on Sunday, February 28th, but the boys will be up and running around 8PM with last-minute predictions and snarky comments. Be sure to visit The Hodgepodge Podcast for all your Oscars coverage!


Welcome to The Hodgepodge Podcast‘s 2015 Oscar Live Blog! Dirty A and I will be following all the action when the ceremony kicks off at 8:30PM EST, so park your butt here as you watch and refresh often. Thanks for visiting the site and feel free to post comments to us during the show!


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