Episode 58: Mr. Hobbit’s Wild Foxcatcher

COVER_58First off: apologies for this episode being so late. Hoping to have Episode 59 out by the end of the week to catch up. Anyway, in Episode 58, Doug and Dirty A tackle three films before the Christmas Day glut of releases. Take a listen to see: if The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies is any better than the last two; if Wild is a journey worth taking; and just how creepy Steve Carell gets in Foxcatcher.

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Doug’s Fall 2014 Movie Preview

CoverI compiled a list of films that I want to see for the last third of the year and came up with thirty-six titles. Unfortunately, I just don’t have the time to churn out an article of that size right now—self-publishing your first novel is a time-drain, kids. So instead, I selected thirteen films that I’m most looking forward to from September through December. As I’ve done with all my preview features in the past, I’ll list the titles in current release date order, but the one I’m most excited for rhymes with “winter cellar.” Continue reading