Episode 52: The Furious Judge Kills Men, Women and Children Messengers

coverIn Episode 52, Doug and Dirty A tackle four films of varying quality and then drop dime on two stinkers. Films discussed include: Fury, The Judge, Kill the Messenger, Men, Women & Children, Dracula Untold, and Left Behind. Yes, Left Behind. Take a listen! Continue reading


Doug Reviews: Kill the Messenger

kill-the-messenger-posterImagine for a moment that in the midst of the War on Drugs in the 1980s, the U.S. Government turned a blind eye to the import of crack cocaine to American city streets—most specifically, Los Angeles—because the profits were going to fund the rebel Contras in Nicaragua. Now imagine that an investigative reporter broke this story in 1996. That’s the story behind Director Michael Cuesta’s true-life film Kill the Messenger. Well actually, that’s only half the story. Continue reading

Doug’s Fall 2014 Movie Preview

CoverI compiled a list of films that I want to see for the last third of the year and came up with thirty-six titles. Unfortunately, I just don’t have the time to churn out an article of that size right now—self-publishing your first novel is a time-drain, kids. So instead, I selected thirteen films that I’m most looking forward to from September through December. As I’ve done with all my preview features in the past, I’ll list the titles in current release date order, but the one I’m most excited for rhymes with “winter cellar.” Continue reading