WOW. THAT was a long break! But, we’ve finally arrived at The Hodgepodge Podcast Episode 200! On this episode, Doug and Dirty A take their discussion all over the place, but mostly it’s a recap of the summer of 2019. Continue reading

Episode 13: Oldboy and Doctor Who


In lucky Episode 13, Dirty A and I discuss Oldboy – both the Chan-wook Park original cult classic as well as Spike Lee’s new remake.

Then, we take a trip in the TARDIS to talk about the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who as well as “Day of the Doctor.”

BE WARNED: This episode is rife with SPOILERS for both Oldboy films as well as “Day of the Doctor.” If you haven’t seen these yet and don’t want them spoiled for you, best to hold off and check back once you’ve seen them. You have been warned!

As always, thanks for listening and enjoy!