After a LONG hiatus, The Hodgepodge Podcast is back! In Episode 234, Doug and Dirty A discuss a slew of entertainment news as well as four current offerings on streaming and in theaters. Did they enjoy these titles or is this the end of times for quality?

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On this very, very late episode of The Hodgepodge Podcast, Doug and Dirty A discuss Brad Pitt’s latest, Bullet Train, as well as the Amazon Prime series Paper Girls! Did the boys enjoy these two offerings or did they miss this train?

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We couldn’t work out the schedules to do our Spider-Man: Far from Home episode until next time, so on Episode 197 of The Hodgepodge Podcast, Doug and Dirty A discuss the latest season of Netflix’s hit show, Stranger Things!

Be warned, this episode contains MASSIVE SPOILERS for the show, so if you haven’t seen the full season yet, you’ll probably want to wait on listening to this. Continue reading



In Hodgepodge Podcast 117, Doug and Dirty A welcome back Matt King to discuss Paul Greengrass and Matt Damon‘s return in Jason Bourne. Then they turn the discussion to Netflix’s hit summer series Stranger Things before discussing Netflix as a whole and the state of the television landscape. Continue reading


On Episode 106 of The Hodgepodge Podcast, Doug and Dirty A recap and discuss Season ¬†Four of Netflix’s House of Cards! Listen in as the guys break down the season and divulge their favorite parts. Beware, TONS of spoilers in this one. If you haven’t seen the latest season, best wait to listen until after. Continue reading

Episode 69: House of Empires

COVERIn Episode 69, Doug and Dirty A discuss two of the best series currently airing right now: House of Cards and Fox’s Empire. House of Cards features one of the great TV characters in history in Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey), while Empire has resurrected the glitzy nighttime soap opera from the 80s, a la Dynasty. Take a listen! Continue reading

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: How the Heck Did We Get Here?

Remember these guys?

Remember these guys?

While Doug puts the finishing touches on his review of the latest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film, head on over to The Retroist and read his personal retrospective of the Turtles’ 30 year history! Continue reading

Episode 32: 75 Years of Batman

Episode 32 of The Hodgepodge Podcast is all about Batman as Dirty A and I are joined by friend of the show Matt King to discuss the Dark Knight’s 75th anniversary. The discussion mainly focuses on Batman’s various incarnations in popular media, but we get some comic book talk in there as well. If you love the Caped Crusader, this episode is for you! Thanks for listening and enjoy! Continue reading