Doug Reviews: Sing (2016)

From Illumination Entertainment (Despicable Me, Secret Life of Pets) and Writer-Director Garth Jennings comes Sing, an animated film about animals singing pop hits. Is it worth seeing or should you just stay home and listen to your iTunes? Continue reading

Doug Reviews: Frank

frank-poster-usDirector Lenny Abrahamson’s Frank is a delightfully weird, but melancholy film about a man who wears a giant fake head and makes strange pop music. The dark comedy will make you laugh and by the end, may make you cry. Continue reading


Doug Reviews: Begin Again

begin-again-posterBegin Again is the latest film from Writer-Director John Carney, the man behind 2007’s Once. It’s a fun, light movie that is really enjoyable, but could have benefitted from a little more plotting towards the end. Continue reading