Episode 55: Mocking Horrible Bosses with Rosewater May Give you Whiplash – Part 1

COVERIn Episode 55 of the podcast, Doug and Dirty A discuss what will probably be the biggest movie of the year in Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1. Then the discussion turns to a pair of indie films: the intense Whiplash and Jon Stewart’s Rosewater, before finishing up with a chat about Horrible Bosses 2. This episode was recorded pre-Thanksgiving, so that’s why the whole episode isn’t just a huge freakout over the new Star Wars trailer. That will be next episode. Thanks for listening! Continue reading


Doug Reviews: Horrible Bosses 2

horrible_bosses_two_ver2_xlgIn 2011, Horrible Bosses was released to the tune of over $100 million at the box office. So, a sequel was inevitable. The first movie was pretty funny, but for me, the premise was flawed. I mean, three disgruntled employees immediately jump to murder to solve their HR problems. Comedy sequels usually suck. Would Horrible Bosses 2 do any better? Continue reading