Doug’s 2016 Summer Movie Preview!

It’s that time of year again—that time when blockbusters come out to play. However, in 2016, you’d be hard-pressed to see the summer movie-going season as any different from the rest of 2016 so far. February brought us Deadpool, March was Zootopia and Batman v Superman, (yes, despite the critical shellacking, it made money), and April has just delivered The Jungle Book. But during the summer months, these colossal movies will be coming at audiences every week.

As usual, I’ve compiled a list of the films I’m most looking forward to with some B-listers thrown in as well. The dates listed here are subject to change, but I’ve got all these films in order of release as of today. Click on the film titles to see the trailers. And as has been the case several times since I started the annual feature, it all kicks off with a Marvel movie… Continue reading


Doug Reviews: Beck – Raleigh, NC – July 23, 2014

Beck plays his latest, "Blue Moon," in Raleigh, NC

Beck plays his latest, “Blue Moon,” in Raleigh, NC

I was lucky enough to see Beck when he rolled through Raleigh two weeks ago on his tour supporting his latest album, Morning Phase. I’d never seen him live before, so I was pretty excited. Of course, my only fear was that the show would end up being an all-acoustic set or something considering that Morning Phase is sort of like the spiritual sequel to 2002’s Sea Change. Both the albums are great, but when I’m seeing Beck for the first time, I want to see Beck. Thankfully, he did not disappoint. Continue reading

Depeche Mode 101: The Making of a Superfan

Depeche Mode 101 (Clockwise from Top Left): Dave Gahan, Martin Gore, Alan Wilder, Andy Fletcher

Depeche Mode 101 (Clockwise from Top Left): Dave Gahan, Martin Gore, Alan Wilder, Andy Fletcher

Once again, The Retroist has published one of Doug‘s essays! This one is a (black) celebration of the 25th Anniversary of Depeche Mode’s double live album and documentary, 101! Take a look!

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